Our long-standing professional experience in analyzing shifts in currency trends puts your business in safe hands.

We publish our findings and analyses of the most relevant currency pairs in monthly reports that are compiled in the Global Currency Herald and available by subscription. Leveraging these insights will empower you to mitigate your currency risk decisively, saving you time – and most importantly – pricey hedging costs.

“Solid analytical work covering the full spectrum of currency issues, so that your future decisions are based on prudent tactical planning.”

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The currency reports compiled in the Global Currency Herald provide substantiated and well prepared information on the most relevant world currencies and currency pairs.

Overview of the currency reports

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  1. Currency Report CORE: USD, SAR, AED, HKD, SGD: EUR 1,060 per month
  2. Currency Report MAJORS: GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD: EUR 735 per month
  3. Currency Report EURASIA: PLN, CZK, HUF, RUB, TRY: EUR 735 per month
  4. Currency Report ASIA: RMB Yuan, Yen, BAHT, WON: EUR 735 per month
  5. Currency Report EMERGING MARKETS: ZAR, BRL, MXN, IDR, MYR: EUR 735 per month

By subscribing to currency reports and leveraging these insights, you can minimize your currency risk exposure dramatically – and slash the costs of lost interest and time.